Dear Exhibitors and Visitors,

As Tureks International Fairs Co.,we are excited to be organizing for the first time, with our profound knowledge and experience in this area, the AQUAFUN Exhibition, which will be meeting the needs of the rapidly growing pool and water attractions industry.  With out knowledge and experience in this area, and with our exhibition, which is the first of its kind in our country, we are bringing together the players of the pool, spa, wellness and water attractions industry at an international event.

As we bring together the players of the sector at this big summit, we also create economic, social and cultural value by offering business opportunities at the national and international level. Our goal is to make AQUAFUN one of the top exhibitions in the world and to create new potentials as we bring the latest novelties and developments in the sector to sector’s professionals and stakeholders at the international level.

We are confident that organizing AQUAFUN concurrently with ATRAX – International Attraction-Events, Parks-Recreations Industry and Services Exhibition will create an important synergy and will carry AQUAFUN to a significant position starting from its first year.

With all the excitement of meeting you at AQUAFUN 2024 we continue our preparations with diligence with our experienced team.

See you at AQUAFUN 2024 between 11-13 January 2024!

Tureks Team