Our Exhibition Theme: Happy City & Active City
We continue to create awareness about the notion of increasing social happiness via concepts of attraction and recreation and to develop new projects. As part of our Happy City theme, we’ll be bringing to the forefront the notion of Active Cities.

At our exhibition and our conference, we’ll be focusing on attraction facilities, parks and events that will motivate individuals for a more active life and make attraction and recreation options more available.

Make sure to make a note of dates 8 – 10 April 2021 now not to miss existing ideas and effective networking opportunities.


Conference: “Making an active life style easy for everyone”
It’s a bitter fact that public health has been deteriorating due to lack of physical activity. In this regard, attraction, recreation and sports facilities play a major role in contributing to global development.

With the goal of “Making an active life style easy for everyone”, we’ll be focusing on the issue perceiving it as a focal point for communities of all sizes and as a public policy and a motivational factor.

We’ll be covering all aspects of the issue including urban planning, public space design, attraction and recreation facilities, school playgrounds, trendy sports facilities and classrooms.